Project: Humber Suspension Bridges Dehumidification Project.

Following site surveys it was discovered that the cores of the suspension cables were being corroded at an unacceptable rate. To correct the problem and help prolong the life of the bridge we worked closely with Munters to design, develop software, build panels and install the control systems to condition the air being passed over the bridge's wrapped suspension cables. The controls equipment was installed in plenum chambers located along and under the bridge structure. Siemens, PLCs, HMIs and VSDs were used to monitor and produce the air movements at the optimum humidity, temperature and velocity.

Also supported Munters with similar dehumidification projects working with Dyson,and Warwick and Birmingham University. Also working at Heathrow and Gatwick airports installing energy savings fans in the Air Handling Units.

"As an international air treatment specialist, we work in many different industries with many different applications. MD controls has been a supplier to us for many years. Their flexibility, speed of response and ability to to interpret and enhance client requests make them an ideal partner for our varied and often demanding requirements. We also value their open and honest approach to business, which is particularly important when dealing with software, controls and site-based work. The controls and installation work they supplied in support of our successful projects to dehumidify the Severn, Forth and Humber road bridges suspension cables, is a good example of their capabilities" ~ Alan Bessant, Operations Manager - Munters Limited.


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