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Recent Projects

We operate across a range of industrial and agricultural environments including food services, shipping, storage, distribution, wind farms and chemical plants.

Our control systems are now deployed throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Australia.

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Project: Humber Suspension Bridges Dehumidification Project.

Following site surveys it was discovered that the cores of the suspension cables were being corroded at an unacceptable rate. To correct the problem and help prolong the life of the bridge we worked closely with Munters to design, develop software, build panels and install the control systems to condition the air being passed over the bridge's wrapped suspension cables. The controls equipment was installed in plenum chambers located along and under the bridge structure. Siemens, PLCs, HMIs and VSDs were used to monitor and produce the air movements at the optimum humidity, temperature and velocity.


Also supported Munters with similar dehumidification projects working with Dyson,and Warwick and Birmingham University. Also working at Heathrow and Gatwick airports installing energy savings fans in the Air Handling Units.


Project: Design, panel build, software development, FAT, install and commission for various fire and gas detection and HVAC systems for modular buildings.

Predominantly using Det-Tronics and Siemens components to detect fire and gas and control HVAC operations with modular switchroom type buildings within the West Qurma oil field.

Provided full software development and commissioning using the EQP controller with the S3 software package.


Project: Design, panel build, software development, build, and worldwide commissioning for various bulk material handling machines.

The shiploader machines utilise PLC and HMI technology to provide a mobile loading system, and are currently in use in countries such as Peru, Chile, USA, Finland, UK, UAE and Bahrain. Each control system is designed to bespoke customer requirements.

"For all contracts you have carried out for B&W your technical performance has been excellent and your service is second to none" ~ Electrical Engineer, B&W, Aumund Group


Project: Gas detection system on CHP2.

Upgrade of an existing gas detection system using Det-Tronics equipment including an EQP controller and Pirecl gas detectors.

This included full documentation including Basis of Design (BOD), Single Line Diagram (SLD), Circuit Diagrams, Mechanical Layout Drawing, Field Wiring Drawings, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and Bill of Materials (BOM).

In addition, we completed on-site panel modification, software development using in-house technicians and on-site commissioning.

Project: To regularly service and maintain a number of combustible gas detectors to ensure plant safety and successful operation.

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Project: To design, supply and commission a Siemens BMS system for monitoring approximately 87 electrical power meters and 100 switch statuses.

This was achieved by using 6 remote outstation controllers all with a PXE100ED controller linking back to a front-end SCADA system using the latest Siemens Desigo CC software.

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Fire and Gas


Energy Savings



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