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Fire & Gas Control Systems

We can develop a bespoke Fire and Gas detection system from Basis of Design through to Site Acceptance Test. Our specialist in-house project engineers can support you each step of the way and with any future servicing requirements. 


Any fire and gas detection system can have numerous components depending on your requirements and we can advise and build bespoke systems as required.

Customisable Fire & Gas Control System

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Aspirator / Sample Systems

When point detection isn't possible consider our aspirator systems in your hazardous areas.

We can provide custom built solutions for a wide variety of applications including offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, and refining industries. 
Our aspirators allow ease of maintenance and peace of mind


Individually designed front-end systems to deliver user-friendly interfaces between the operator and the system.

We can advise, program and integrate into existing or new systems.


Fire and Gas Services


Fire and Gas Products


Recent Projects

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